Commercial Banking at Del Norte Bank

Del Norte Bank takes pride in our local businesses and offers banking services that meet your needs and help keep your business growing!

Personal Accounts

We’ll need for each signer:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Social Security number
  • Typically it takes $100 to open any given account to avoid a service charge
  • Proof of mailing address
  • Complete a new account application

Business Accounts

To open a business account, we’ll need:

  • Proof of name registration from the state
  • Federal tax ID number
  • List of signers on account in writing—one of the following examples would work:
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Resolution
  • Minutes showing designation of signers
  • Copy of each signer’s driver’s license
  • Each signer’s social security number
  • Proof of physical address
  • Proof of mailing address
  • Complete a new account application


  • Minimum balance to open – $100.00


  • First 50 withdrawals – complimentary



  • Minimum daily balance Fee $7.50 if balance falls below $1,000.00 any day of the month
  • Transaction fee after 50 withdrawals per month – $0.20 each
  • Purchase own deposit slips, checks and stamps
  • Debit Card fees include an initial $ 3.00 fee and a monthly fee of $ 1.00 per month
  • If lost or stolen $ 5.00 fee.

Consistent Service! That’s what Del Norte Bank offers verses the other merchant processing firms. You will always contact us here, and we’ll work to solve your problem or answer your questions. It’s a complicated product, and other firms use the complexity to “hide” fees in order to make their service look cheaper up front. We don’t do that—we put all of our charges on the table so you know.

Our expertise comes from being a part of a larger network of community bankers that have extensive experience and background in merchant processing, and you can sleep well knowing that we won’t rest until your problem is solved or your question is answered.


In your business, the point of sale is an ever-moving destination. Wherever your customers are, that’s where you’ll go—which means you need a payment solution that’s as mobile as you are. However, your transaction volume might not justify the expense of purchasing a mobile payment terminal, leaving you in the position of handling credit card information in an inefficient and unsafe manner, such as by writing numbers down to call in later. As an alternative, you may be accepting checks on faith, exposing you to the possibility of loss.

Mobile Merchant App

Once you’ve downloaded the application from the App StoreSM or Google Play™, a handy encrypting card reader device plugs into your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, enabling you to slide your customer’s credit card to capture a sale. Because the card is physically present, you avoid the higher card-not-present processing rates associated with hand-keyed transactions.

Web-Based Mobile Merchant

Purchase no additional equipment—just use the data-enabled mobile phone you always carry, navigate to the First Data Mobile Pay URL, and enter and transmit the customer’s credit card number.

With either solution, you can accept payments wherever you have wireless coverage with your current data plan provider. Payments are processed in real time, with an e-receipt generated and sent to the customer via e-mail as soon as the transaction takes place.

Tailored for Your on-the-go Business

  • Home and repair services—HVAC, plumbers, garage door installation
  • Contractors and electricians
  • Towing services
  • In-home sales—home décor, cooking, beauty products
  • Specialty and charity events—art shows, auctions
  • Limousines and taxis


  • Maximize your mobile phone investment by turning it into a payment terminal
  • Accept payments in real time from virtually anywhere
  • Reduce your processing fees—pay lower card-present rates with the First Data Mobile Pay app and encrypting card reader that allows you to swipe physical credit cards
  • Save money—no additional equipment or software to buy with the First Data Mobile Pay browser-based solution
  • Offer more flexible and secure payment options
  • Grant transaction capability to up to five users with the browser-based version
  • Help your customers choose the payment method they prefer while keeping their credit card information safe
  • Convey a cutting-edge, professional image to your customers


  • Compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ smartphones and tablets (as well as BlackBerry for the web-based version)
  • Secure login with username and password
  • Easy-to-use interface requires minimal training
  • Support for all major credit card types
  • Real-time mobile processing
  • Fraud protection tools
  • SSL encryption technology
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Account manager to add or remove users (browser only)
  • Ability to store a list of inventory items
  • Tracking of cash sales
  • Automatic prompts for tips and tax
  • E-receipts delivered to customer, yourself, and two others
  • SMS receipts (rates may apply)
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Minimum balance to open – $10,000.00
  • Minimum daily balance to earn APY – $1000.00


  • Limited to six withdrawals per month
  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Larger deposits pay higher rates


  • Minimum daily balance fee $9.00 if balance
  • Falls below $10,000.00 any day of the month

The lifeblood of any community is the commercial activities within it. We actively engage in commercial and agricultural lending to support those important activities. Each loan is as unique as the businesses themselves, so contact us today and we’ll work to help you succeed!


Many businesses have cash flow interruptions or timing delays between cash outlays and cash receipts. The best example of this is how a farm pays expenses all year long to get the crop grown and harvested and all the receipts come at the end when the crop is sold. Many times a Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC) can work well to alleviate these pressures. Contact us to learn more!


Commercial Online Banking

Coming soon…

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